OutRadio for January 2012

OutRadio for January 

Time for my annual, and Very subjective, Best of the Year Show. And I’ve got two parts, one for best albums and one best singles, both with lots of variety. With my usual restraint and willpower, I was unable to keep the two segments down to around an hour, the music was just too good. Visit the link to listen and see pics of the recordings.

Part 1 – 74:35 – Albums (song played is listed)
Melissa Ferrick – Still Right Here
Declan Bennett – Freer
Eric Himan – Dust
Lucky Jesus – Match and Gasoline
Shondes – Close the Door
Charles K. Brown – To Love Again
Coyote Grace – My Baby the Sun
Jeff Straker – The Stars Played Tricks
Tom Goss – It’s All Over
Melissa Li & the Barely Theirs – The Beginning
Paige Lewis – One Good Day
Kate Reid – Doing It For the Chicks
Martin Swinger – Little Plastic Part
Catie Curtis – I Do
Fred Hersch – In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
Andy Monroe – Song for a Winter Night
Jake Walden – Same Something Different
The Young Professionals – D.I.S.C.O

Part 2 – 69:15 – Singles
Sugarbeach – Come On Out
Blinded by Stardust – Cleared and Removed
Senor Kasio – No Sunset (I’m Gay)
Arro Verse – Availability
Jim Emmons – In Time
Nedra Johnson – K.I.S.S.
Dudley Saunders – Monster
Kevin Wong – Books & Drinks
Matt Fishel – My First Time
Christopher Dallman – Hard to Breathe
Jeffrey Altergott – Unleashed
St Andrew – The Cure
Summer Osborne – Just Be
Matt Zarley – We Belong
Christian Andreason – I Wanna Be an Amazing Man
Dan Holguin – Now I Only
Chadwick – Always You
Bright Light Bright Light – Love Part II (acoustic)

You can stream or download the show anytime, at

Thanks for listening,
JD Doyle


All segments of both shows are archived.
That’s 12 years of very gay music.