A Tribute to the band Yer Girlfriend

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As I produce a show called Queer Music Heritage, you might expect that I love to honor the work of artists & musicians who did great work, but just did not, in my opinion, get the credit or exposure they deserved. One such band was called Yer Girlfriend. They were a Kentucky band active from 1989 through 1995, releasing three wonderful albums. Laura Shine and Carol Kraemer did most of the lead vocals and writing. 

What of course grabbed my attention right away was that the lyrics were very, very gay…or in this case, lesbian. Even some of their titles gave that away: “Dyketime,” “She’s Not Somebody’s Wife,” “Lez-B-Bop,” and “L-Word.” And this was ten years before the TV show “L-Word.” So with the magic of Windows Movie Maker I put together a medley, with pictures, of nine songs from the band Yer Girlfriend.