“History Remembers” by John Whitley-Gibson & Peter Saxe

In this blog I love to honor songs of our GLBT history, and in this case the song itself is doing the honoring, and I think it does is exquisitely. The song “History Remembers” is the title track from a 1997 album by John Whitley-Gibson and Peter Saxe. John expertly handles the vocals and Peter wrote all the music and lyrics.
It’s another one of those songs that really, to my mind, needed to be on Youtube, and as it wasn’t, I got the permission of John and Peter to create an homage video to it. I chose to use images from our GLBT history.
 View the Video
Another very poignant song from the album is “Special Rights,” but I am especially pleased that Peter Saxe uploaded a video for the song “Ernie & Bert (Living Together)”
In a past life John appeared as a member of the a cappela group Sons & Lovers, releasing a self-titled CD in 1994, and the group, with minor personnel changes, became Mystery Date, which released the CD “Sweet Sixteen” in 2001. In 2000 John and Paul Bisaccia released the album “Simply Gershwin.”
John doesn’t appear to have a music site at the present, but I’ll give his current one, along with Peter’s site. And the CD can be found on Amazon.com.