Leah Zicari – “Glory Glory,” an Early GLBT Anthem – Story & Music

The song “Glory Glory,” recorded by Leah Zicari in 1990, was one of our early anthems, and has been used in the past as the opening theme songs for several GLBT radio shows. Finding the song, even just to listen to, at this point would be quite difficult, as it was only released on a cassette single (perhaps for demo or radio purposes) and it appeared on Leah Zicari’s full length cassette tape, “Wouldn’t That Be Fun?” So, I got Leah’s permission to create a Youtube video for it, and used as the intro to it an interview clip of her describing the inspiration for the song.

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While you will not likely find the cassette album, I do recommend you check out Leah’s two CDs, both I think excellent: “Hard Road,” from 2001, and “Pretty on Thursday,” from 2003.