Swan Pride Celebrated by the band Bye June in the song “Shades of Purple”

Yes, I’m featuring a straight band on the QMH Blog…:) I just found out about the video by the Washington DC band Bye June, and it’s creative and wonderful. The band consists of lead singer/songwriter Gil Kline, drummer Gunner Sledgeski and Daniel McGreal on bass, and they bill themselves as a “socially conscious band.” 
The song is called “Shades of Purple,” and Kline told Pinkpaper.com about its inspiration: “I wrote this song because my cousin is in 10 year relationship and he can’t marry his partner. They are so in love, and it angers me that politicians try to tell other people who to love and spend their life with.” So the video uses “Swan Pride” as a metaphor for the fight for marriage equality. Besides being musically solid, the video features shadowography from Sati Achath, whose work has been featured on TV, on “America’s Got Talent.”
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