New Kiya Heartwood CD: “Bold Swimmer”

Kiya Heartwood has a solo CD now, called “Bold Swimmer,” and I love it. Now, I’m more used to hearing (and seeing) her as part of the duo Wishing Chair, who has been one of my favorite acts for years. I have interviewed them many times, and when I was co-producer of the show Audiofile, for ten years, I figured out what acts we featured the most, and there were several with five-time ties: Tret Fure, Kinsey Sicks, Sonia, Mark Weigle, and Wishing Chair. So they were in very rare company.
Here’s a press blurb I wrote about them a year or so ago:
With the band Wishing Chair I have a long tradition now, going back to their “Singing With the Red Wolves” CD in 1996, of loving and admiring their music. Their singing and instrumentation is always superb, and the lyrics bring a social consciousness addressing areas that educate and entertain, including subjects you would not always expect; a good thing.
Being the historian nut that I am, I dug into my files and put together a Kiya Heartwood Discography, and collage of the recordings. Many don’t know she was in a band in the late 80’s called “Stealin Horses.” And, hey, Neil Young played harmonica on their first album, not too shabby. Also, Kiya had another solo release between the time of Stealin Horses, and getting together with Miriam Davidson to form Wishing Chair. You could not go wrong by tracking down any of her albums in any incarnation.
Below, nabbed this photo of (left to right) Miriam and Kiya at the last Houston Women’s Music Festival in October, and got to hear Kiya sing “Change (Is Gonna Come),” a few months before it appeared on the new CD.