Matt Fishel – Behind Closed Doors

Okay, I’m weak…I was going to wait to do this blog entry until Matt Fishel’s debut album comes out later this year, but I just can’t. He released his latest single from it, “Behind Closed Doors,” and it’s still another song of his I’ve gone nuts over. I just can’t resist his queer-infused pop masterpieces. 
Now, I’ve been following him for a while. I named his single “When Boy Meets Boy” to my Best of the Year show, for 2008, and “My First Time” made my Best of 2011 show. And right at the start of 2012, another gem, “The Football Song,” came along, with the last two having frickin’ wonderful videos. You can hear one more song I love, “Armitage Shanks (Jamie)” on his Facebook music page.
About three years ago he sent me a demo CD…well, I pestered him until he did…so I’ve gotten to hear at least a dozen more wonders, but I’ll let him release the polished goodies when the album comes out, and I am so ready to hear it. Check out the videos below.
Click to view “Behind Closed Doors” Video

Click to view “The Football Song” Video
Click to view “The First Time” Video

 a “Behind Closed Doors” pic? must be okay, got it off his profile..:)