Rare Video: Berkeley Women’s Music Collective

I was working so very hard on my latest QMH show, on Lesbian / Feminist Bands of the 1970’s, that I forgot I had in my archives a rare video of the Berkeley Women’s Music Collective. This is courtesy of the San Francisco GLBT Historical Society, and is a rare look at a TV performance by some of our music pioneers. I “date” this from circa 1975, derived by who was in the band. All three songs are written by Susann Shanbaum, and would appear on their debut album the next year. She sings the first two solo and then brings on stage to help her on backups Nancy Henderson, Nancy Vogl and Jake Lampert. I know that Nancy Henderson and Jake Lampert helped on the first album, recorded November of 1975, and left the band immediately after. Jake left to join the band Bebe K’Roche.
Click for the page containing the video.
I have to plug my latest show, as it’s a four-hour tribute to several early bands, and includes five interviews, with members of the Chicago & New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Bands, the New Harmony Sisterhood Band, and the Berkeley Women’s Music Collective. 
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