Coccinelle – France’s Most Famous Transsexual

Born Jacques Charles Dufresnoy, the career of Coccinelle began around 1953 when she made her debut at the famous Paris female impersonation club Madame Arthur’s. Just as Christine Jorgensen had her sexual reassignment surgery in Denmark and came back to the United States in 1953 a celebrity, when Coccinelle received her surgery in Casablanca and returned to France in 1958, she was a media sensation. While Jorgensen entered the speaking engagement and nightclub circuit, Coccinelle instead became a sex symbol, in the style of Brigitte Bardot. She was famous for her engagements at  Le Carrousel, in Paris. During the 1960’s she appeared in two films and released several recordings. She maintained her celebrity all of her life, and died in 2006, at age 75. In 2004 a CD collection of her singing was released, called “Chercher la Femme.”
Click to hear “Prends-Moi ou Laisse-Moi” (“Love Me or Leave Me”)
Fortunately there are a number of YouTube videos capturing her. Click to view this one.

Above, a bit of sexploitation
Below, her 2004 CD

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