Todd Alsup

And here’s how I discovered the music of Todd Alsup. In the summer of 2009 I was visiting the site of an artist friend of mine, Josh Duffy, as he was performing at a GLBT Expo in NYC, and I went to that event site next, and there was a poster for the Expo on the main page. It included a cute young artist I was not familiar with, so I checked him out, and was glad I did. I contacted him immediately and he sent me his new EP, “Facts & Figures,” and a couple demo CDs of new songs. I played him on my radio show the first chance I had, and one of those demos was the song “How I’m Made.” 
Well, that song is now on his brand new full-length album, just called “Todd Alsup,” and I’m delighted by the entire CD. I loves me some piano-driven music, so this was right down my street, blending pop, rock and a dash of soul. It’s a digital only release, drat, as I like to hold things in my hands. One of the songs, “The Only Thing,” has a remix single available, if you’re into that…hey, whatever finds an audience. Tough to pick just one track to give you, so I picked the opener.
Hear the song “I Feel”
And there are a number of live videos to be found by Todd on YouTube, like the one below, at my favorite NYC venue, Rockwood Music Hall.
Click to View the Video
Visit the Todd Alsup Website
Above, Todd’s 2008 EP, and below the new remix single