Camp Records Label

Over the years one of the most popular sections of my site has been the one on the Camp Records label. I title it “The Most Outrageous (and Queerest) Record Label of the 60s,” and it certainly was. Almost nothing is known about the mysterious 60’s record label. The Hollywood company released an album and ten 45 rpm records of gay parody songs, most done with effeminate voices. I believe they were issued in the early 60’s, as they all appeared in an ad in the gay magazine Vagabond, dated 1965. The artists singing most of the songs were uncredited, or with names obviously made up, like Byrd E. Bath and B. Bubba.
Below, four of the ten 45s
  A second album released on the label was called “Mad About the Boy.” It was filled with mostly well-known Broadway and cabaret songs that were originally sung by women. This album kept the pronouns intact, making them very gay. They were done in lounge style, without a campy approach…in other words, done “straight.”
 I have a Lot more information about Camp Records 
on my site, and you can hear every song there!