Straight Comic, Gay Album (1972)

The year 1972 was early for an all gay-themed comedy album, and perhaps more surprising, it was, to my mind, quite “gay friendly.” Sandy Baron had already had success on Broadway, countless TV shows, and in concert, and had released several comedy albums. But this one was different. In an interview in The Advocate (1976) it was stated that the LP was an “attempt to break down down some of the stereotypes and mystique about homosexuality through a myriad of confrontations between the gay and straight worlds.” And I think the result has no viciousness and instead is quite good-natured. My favorite track is about same-sex marriage (yes, in 1972) and is called “Do You Take This Man…?” But you can hear all of the tracks on my site.

Sandy Baron’s “God Save The Queens”

A 45 rpm record was even released from the album.