In GLBT Music, the B is Mostly (Lyrically) Silent.

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I really doubt that in 1966 Herman’s Hermits, in their song “This Door Swings Both Ways,” were singing about bisexual love, but it’s fun to imagine it. And for the most part in our history of GLBT music, imagine is what you almost all of the time had to do to find bisexuals represented. A few years ago I did a two-part show on this subject, and I had to really, Really dig to complete those two hours.  Check them out Here. Now, I’m not talking about music by out-of-the-closet bisexuals, that’s not all that tough…I mean songs whose lyrics “go there.”
I’ll get you started. In 1968 Peter Frampton, then in a band called The Herd, sang about “Something Strange,” and the year before Mitch Ryder complained about seeing Sally, his baby, “with another girl” (as she went around those roses). In that case though, the lyrics were originally sung by a girl group, the Jaynetts, in 1963. In the 1970’s rock acts were more blatant, with Sweet and “A.C. – D.C.” and a surprising Australian hit by Supernaut, “I Like It Both Ways.” In 1980 Peter Allen winked at us with “Bicoastal,” and as time went on the bi lyrics came more out of the closet. Living Colour had a song called “Bi” in 1993, and (I know you’ve been waiting) Jill Sobule kissed a girl in 1995. Find a lot more on my site on those shows.
While I think I found good music for my two shows on the subject, I pretty much exhausted this sort-of genre, so I’m pleased to at least mention the only CD compilation I know of where the B was loud and clear. In 2003 Skott Freedman produced an excellent release called “Bi the People,” where while not all of the artists or lyrics were bi, the solidarity was there, and all proceeds went to The Bisexual Foundation, now called The American Institute of Bisexuality. A very talented array of artists contributed, such as Jill Sobule, Melissa Ferrick, Tom Robinson, Pansy Division, Laura Love, Bitch & Animal, Erin Hamilton, and nine others. You, too, can find yourself a copy, Here.