Mike Burns CD “Chapter Twenty-Seven”

Is it raining where you are? I mean, it doesn’t have to be, but it is here in Houston, and I’m finding very entertaining and kind of comforting the latest CD by Mike Burns. It’s called “Chapter Twenty-Seven” and is a nice companion to his 2010 release “Courage & Longing.” His bio says he spent six years playing his music in Southern California before he and band mate Joel Lamb moved to Austin, Texas, in April of 2009. Well, I’m hoping he gigs in Houston soon, would like to see him perform live.

He had some earlier releases as well, including a 2006 album, “Where the Heart Is,” and an EP, “Dreamworld,” two years later, so if you are so moved you can check those out as well. What’s his musical style? Well, kind of a blend between contemporary folk and pop, but you can judge for yourself. He’s got 33 songs on his Reverbnation page, so there’s plenty to sample, and also a slew of YouTube videos as well.

Mike’s YouTube Page