Addicted to the Music of Kevin Wong

Hello, my name is JD. [“Hello, JD”] And I am addicted to the music of Kevin Wong. Well, I guess if you’ve been listening to my show OutRadio that should not be a huge shock. He’s a Toronto artist and I started playing his music on my All-Canadian Artist Show, in March 2010. In June that year I played two more tracks from his wonderful CD “The Pink in the Grey,” and in my script for that show I said I loved the way he incorporated “boy on boy” lyrics into his music. 

My September 2010 show started off with a full interview with Kevin about the album. In December…are you noticing a trend…his CD made the Best of the Year on Audiofile, for which I was co-producer, and in January 2011 on my own Best Of 2010 show. By early-2011 he was already working on his next release, and as he progressed slipped me a couple tracks, which landed on my shows for March 2011 and May 2012. And now, finally, I receive all of the new CD, called “Songs from the Weekend.” Can you say Worth…the…Wait…
Below, his 2006 CD; and “Underground,” his latest single,
which is a free download on his site
Recommended tracks from “Songs from the Weekend”:
Books and Drinks, My Baby, The Crusader, Underground

Recommended tracks from “The Pink in the Grey”:
Falling Balloons, Out of Reach, Legion of the Broken,
Mr Secrets, Denial