AG Gender-Bends The Beatles

Well, that title description on the press release I just got did its job, it made me stop and listen and I was SO pleased. Frankly, I had not heard of AG (Adrianne Gonzalez just goes by AG). I think the following line from the press release really did it for me: “Through a twist of fate, her publishing company ended up with the rights to the only 6 Beatles songs not owned by Sony, and the opportunity to make the songs her own while keeping the essence of The Beatles intact was simply too intriguing for an artist like AG to resist.” So this is early stuff, from 1964, including “From Me To You,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “She Loves You,” “Misery,” “There’s a Place”…and oh yeah, the song they are rightfully promoting, the gender-bending “I Wanna Be Your Man.”
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The EP, just called “The Beatles,” will be officially released on October 9th, John Lennon’s birthday. And I bet it nudges a lot of folks to check out her previous CD, “Me After You,” like I’m doing.
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 Check out her previous release, “Me After You”
and the song “I’m Still Here”
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