Sissy Man Blues


I wish I had a better image of this rare 78 rpm record, or even that I owned a copy. 
It’s “Sissy Man Blues,” written and sung by Kokomo Arnold, in early 1935. It has a special place in the history of “gay” blues songs, with its famous line, 

“Lord, if you can’t send me no woman, 
please send me some sissy man.” 

It became a popular song with three other versions recorded within the next two years, by Josh White (then known as Pinewood Tom), George Noble, and Connie McLean’s Rhythm Kings. The lyrics may have varied a bit between the four recordings, but the punch like was always there. You can compare the lyrics exactly, and hear all the versions, and find more info on this page of my site:

QMH Sissy Man Blues Tribute Page
Just one of the many compilations featuring versions of the song