Sean Wood – Sudden Love

I happened upon Sean Wood on another blog, and what a treat. On some of tracks I thought of the more mellow Beach Boys songs, but with modern production. I was immediately attracted to the most “out” song, “Slow.” It starts out with meeting a boy, hey, there’s immediate mutual attraction, but let’s take it…slow. And the song “Ok, Stupid” is at the opposite end, opening with an infectious beat. But, you can sample his music for yourself…right now he just wants to get his music out there, so his bandcamp page says: “Download SUDDEN LOVE at any price you like. BUY IT, BURN IT, SHARE IT, LEAK IT, SPREAD IT, LOVE IT.”

Sean Wood on Bandcamp

Also, check out Sean’s 2009 CD, “The Cannonball”

Sean Wood on YouTube