Ginger Doss

Today I’m sharing the music of Austin artist/musician Ginger Doss. I’m way overdue as I got to see her perform last fall at the Houston Women’s Music Festival, but her latest album, from this Spring,  “From Love to Love,” really clinched it. Yeah, I have my faves from it, “Thankful” and “Run Little One,” but it’s very solid throughout, and well-produced. I’m impressed..:) But you need not take my word for it, as you can get a great introduction to her in this promo video. What a smart way to let you know a Lot of information about her many talents and projects.

View the Video

Now, when I visit an artist’s website, as a media-type, in addition to the music, I want information and organization, and I commend her on a great job. Easy to find the songs, hear them, buy them, read the lyrics, watch some videos…exactly what I want.

Ginger Doss Website

Below, I took this at the Houston Women’s Music Festival, Oct 22, 2011. That’s Ginger on the right, with Bekah Kelso. They often perform together as GBmojo, and Bekah also has released her own music, which you may want to check out.