Matt Gold CD

Matt Gold refers to himself as kind of a pop alternative singer/songwriter, and I guess that fits, though when I’m listening I so caught up that I don’t try to analyze, I just soak it all in. I’ve been aware of him for a while now and his debut CD is finally here. He slipped me a few tracks early, so I got to include them on my Outradio shows for September and October, ahead of the official release, which is always very cool. The first one I heard is called “Ordinary,” and it may be my favorite of his, though it has tough competition.

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Anyone that knows my radio programming knows that I love lyrically gay songs, so I was naturally drawn right away to the plaintiveness of “Oh, Joe.”
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The production of Matt’s CD is exquisite, and I don’t know how available the “real CD” version is, but that packaging is gorgeous. His website link is given below, and while you’re there do Not miss playing the live track “Come Rain and Come Shine.” Yes, it’s the old standard, but his arrangement and performance makes you forget you ever knew the song…it’s that good, and that beautiful.
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