Hanukkah Music by LGBT Artists

This may be the first time anyone’s done this, but as part of my QMH Holiday Show
 I devoted entire segment (70 minutes) to Hanukkah music by LGBT Artists. 


Part 4 of my QMH Holiday Show
Indigo Girls – Happy Joyous Hanukkah  (2010)
El Vez – The Dreydel Song (2002)
Jill Sobule – Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner (2000)
Betty – Dreidle Jingle Fiasco (2004)
Captain Smartypants – Dreidel (2007)
Seattle Men’s Chorus – My Grandfather Would Say (1997)
Seattle Men’s Chorus – Music of Hanukkah (1997)
Debbie Friedman – The Dreidel Song / The Latke Song (2003)

Judith Kate Friedman – Chanukah Tonight (2002)

Schmekel – I’ll Be Your Maccabee (2011)

Phranc – Hanukkah Snowman (2006)

Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles – Chanukkah in Santa Monica (2011)

Sandra Bernhard – Miracle of Lights (2006)

Women’s Chorus of Dallas – Hanukkah Shalom (2003)

North Coast Men’s Chorus – Three Hanukkah Songs (2003)

The Klezmatics – Honeyky Hanuka (2006)

Metropolitan Klezmer – Traveling Dreydls (2006)

Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus – Hot Hanukkah (2001)

Heartland Men’s Chorus – Boogie Woogie Hanukkah (2003)

Therapy Sisters – Abraham’s Lament (1998)

Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston – Not in Our Town (2006) 
The above album by the late Debbie Friedman is the only one
I found by an LGBT artist devoted entirely to the season.