Brothers Butch – Kay, Why?

This was a pretty risqué recording, especially for 1967, and a very gay one. It’s by the
Brothers Butch, and well, that’s about all I know about this one, except that it has two quite stereotypically queenie Brits bickering, with Lots of ever-so-obvious double entendres about lubricant.

Listen to “Kay, Why?”
Listen to “I’m Not Going Camping This Winter”

They were ever so clever…notice the writer credits, and that on the actual 45 they became “The Butch Brothers,” instead of the other way around. The flip side is also quite gay, hear for yourself. Oh, did you note it was released on “Thrust Records”..:)

The track can be found on the German CD “Queer Noises: From the Closet to the Charts, 1961 – 1978,” which I very highly recommend. It’s packed full of obscure goodies.