TWO: The Homosexual Viewpoint in Canada

I recently acquired six issues of TWO, and so naturally want to share them, along with my comments. TWO was published from 1964 to 1966 by Rick Kerr, and the office address given was that of the Melody Room (457 Church Street, Toronto), one of two gay clubs he owned (the other being the Music Room). The magazine name was obviously inspired by the American homophile publication “TWO (Truth Will Out),” a supplement to the magazine One, which began in 1953.

The magazine’s content was eclectic, with articles, drag photo revue coverage, stories, and lots of teen model physique photography. Of the six issues in my collection, totaling 164 pages, physique photography made up half (82 pages). And the obvious reason was that Kerr also owned two studios, Rik Art and Can Art. He sold photos and books of the photography, advertised of course in the magazine. In TWO there were no nudes, and the “naughty parts” were blacked out with pouch-shaped black marker, a little distracting. You can read all six of the copies in my collection on my website.
TWO Magazine

There were a few features regarding drag awards or
 festivities on Halloween, and some “serious” articles:

But by far most of the pages were of the late-teen physique photography genre.