DykeAppella: Lesbian Picnic +3 Video

As I produce a show called Queer Music Heritage, you might expect that I love to honor the work of artists & musicians who did great work, but just did not, in my opinion, get the credit or exposure they deserved. The group DykeAppella fits that description, and they did it with only one album released. Out of Madison, Wisconsin, and recorded in 1997 the album “At the Gates of Heaven” I think is simply wonderful. I love harmony and also very out-of-the closet music, so this CD was for me a given. I plucked four songs from it and put them into a video slide-show medley:

Lesbian Picnic  (original written by Bratton/Kennedy, updated lyrics by Kathy Younger)

Teenaged Lesbian  (written by Kate Canon, 1981; also recorded by Judy Fjell in 1993)

Hollywood Haircut  (written & recorded by Judy Reagan, 1983)

Sit on My Face  (source unknown; but a definite crowd-pleaser; a hidden track on the CD)

DykeAppella was: Tara Ayres, Normajean Bunton,
Nancy Gerber, Emily Jones and Tess Meuer. Their farewell concert was in June 2001.

I am especially pleased that they included on the CD Judy Reagan’s song “Hollywood Haircut,” as it honors the work done by lesbians in the 40’s-60’s, paving the way.
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