40th Anniversary Tribute to Olivia Records

As producer of the website Queer Music Heritage I think I’m qualified to say that the Women’s Music Movement was the most important element in our LGBT music history, and the big heart in the middle of that movement was Olivia Records. It wasn’t the first, but it certainly was the main force in popularizing this important music. And of course it had important artists like Meg Christian and Cris Williamson to get those efforts really off the ground.
I’ve been told that January 19, 1973, is considered the founding date for Olivia, so I wanted to do a special video collage to honor that. It displays every 45 rpm record, and every album and CD released on the label, from 1974 through 1993, shown in order, and includes their subsidiary Second Wave Records. 

And I think I chose an appropriate song. It’s called “Sailing Away” and in it Lucy Blue Tremblay sings about enjoying Olivia’s a new direction. She told me it was actually written on an airplane, on the way to an Olivia cruise and she got inspired; before the plane landed it was written. The song can be found on her 1992 CD “Transformations.”

In the early 1990’s Olivia started sailing on a different course, and are having 
40th anniversary cruises to honor their own history. See http://www.olivia.com/ 
and for Lucie, see her on Facebook.

And, check out my Olivia Records Discography