“My Wife and My Best Friend’s Girl”

Here comes another I-Lost-My-Woman-To-Another-Woman Song, and that sort-of genre was popular in Country Music, mostly in the 1990’s. But these guys aren’t Country and perhaps lean more toward “Margaritaville,” (just look at them). The album was named “WaHa Music,” from 1988, and they called themselves Free Hot Lunch. The song that caught my ear is not like the rest on the album anyway. It’s “My Wife and My Best Friend’s Girl,” written by group member John Corning. He and Jeff Berg and Jeff Laramie have fun with it, with humor and a Shangri-Las inspired arrangement, all done in less than two minutes. You’ll see what I mean.

Listen to “My Wife and My Best Friend’s Girl”

Thanks to one of my listeners, Charles F, for tipping me off to this song.