Aussie Singer Jenny Biddle

It’s so nice to start the day totally enchanted by the music of an artist new to me, so I have to immediately do this blog entry to share that with you. You see, I have  music columnist friend in Australia, Sue Barrett, who keeps me informed on lesbian artists I may not of heard of from that country, and this one’s a winner. Her name is Jenny Biddle and she’s sure not a secret in that country, having won a number of music awards recently. Her third album, “Hero in Me,” is coming out in March, and you can already (from her site) download a free track from it, and hear full versions of several others. Actually, there are eight tracks you can hear from her three releases and this morning I listened to every one, loving her more and more as I went through them. 

I suggest you start with the very openly gay title track, “Hero in Me,” from the new one, and then perhaps go on to (the also lyrically gay) “Don’t Mind,” or the stunning cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” from her 2012 CD “Little Treasures.And then there’s “Chest of Drawers,” from her 2009 album by the same title. Those four should be enough to get you hooked.

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