Clifton & Gladys Celebrate Easter

Queer Easter Songs? Well, this is as close as I can get…ones by Clifton Webb and Gladys Bentley. Webb was in the 1933 hit revue “As Thousands Cheer,” and therefore brought into the world the classic Irving Berlin song “Easter Parade“…the vocals start at the 1:17 mark. The show made sketches ripped from the newspaper headlines of the day…wonder if “Newsical” thought of that…and covered such notables as Noel Coward, Joan Crawford, John D. Rockefeller, Ghandi, and many more. Ethel Waters was also in the show.

And Gladys Bentley covered Easter and Mardi Gras in one effort: “Easter Mardi Gras,” from circa 1952. I included it in my QMH Tribute Show to Gladys Bentley, but you can stream it below.

Gladys Bentley – Easter Mardi Gras
Above, Gladys on the Groucho Marx show “You Bet Your Life,” 1958,
and below, I never get tired of this cartoon