Controversial French Bullying Video

Canadian director Xavier Dolan released a brutal video this week, amidst calls for censorship in France, the country of the rock band whose song “College Boy,” is used in the video. Indochine’s song is behind the dramatic imagery of a boy whose school bullying escalates to crucifixion. Montreal actor Antoine Pilon portrays the victim undergoing the treatment, while his classmates look on, symbolically wearing blindfolds.

“It seems absurd to me that the clip is censored,” said Dolan. “Is it really more violent than all the movies that arrive on our screens every day? The question shouldn’t be – did I go too far? It should be – what’s stopping a group of teenagers from going this far, given how powerful the gun lobby is in the U.S.

The video has already been blocked in most U.S. sites for copyright grounds, so you may want to watch this while you can.

My friend Gerard Koskovich provided me with a bit of the English translation,
and Click Here for the full French lyrics.
What I’m learning right here is that life isn’t easy
With those people
I’ll be way too different for the quiet lives
Of other people.
I want to see you.
Yes, I love their whole scene,
But I just don’t fit in, that’s the thing.
And it hurts really bad
When I hear what they’ve said
When my back’s turned.
But I still have the right, when you wake up again,
Yes, I still have the right,
When you wake up again, to do these things.
The right to spread your legs,
When you finally wake up,
The milky taste on your skin. I have the right.
That’s when we’re alive,
Like everyone our age,
That’s when we make noise
Just like those angry boys.