Gay & Lesbian Prom Songs

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Ah, it’s Prom Time, and I am reminded of that as there are two proms in the Houston area held especially for our LGBTQIA teens. I was even a chaperone two weeks ago at the one in Montgomery County, the county north of Houston (that votes 80% Republican). So it was fun, and gratifying to be a part of such an event. The Houston prom, sponsored by the organization called HATCH will be in June. 

I found two “prom songs” by gay and lesbian singers, and neither have videos I can link to, so I am providing links to hear them. First, in 1986 two Salinas, California, female students went to court, and won, for the right to go to their high school prom together, and I admire the courage that must have taken, especially as it was 27 years ago. 
Laura Berkson put the story into a song, called “Marie,” from her 1989 self-titled cassette tape.
Click to Hear “Marie” by Laura Berkson
Click to Hear “Marie” by Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert
The version by Holly & Ronnie is from the 1996 CD “This Train Still Runs”
Also recorded by Judith Kate Friedman.

And, the lyrics, from the above CD

And below is a live version, by the Los Angeles group, Vox Femina

 And, I have another gay prom song, one a bit humorous, and it’s from 1992, and also was a cassette-only release. Harry C.S. Wingfield did the honors with his song “I Do, I Do, I Do (The Senior Prom Song).”

Hear Harry C.S. Wingfield
And to see what he looks like, here’s a 45 he released in 1992

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