Louis Farrakhan Sings About Christine Jorgensen

Yes, “The Charmer” was Louis Farrakhan, since 1975 the leader of the religious movement Nation of Islam, although the Anti-Defamation League instead of being charmed has said he is an “unrepentant bigot” who continues to spew his hateful message of anti-Semitism, homophobia and racism. 
Back around 1953 he was a calypso singer, and recordings he made then pop up now and again, and have even been re-issued on CD. He only catches my interest for one reason, the song he wrote shown above. He was born Louis Eugene Wolcott, also mistakenly spelled Walcott, as is shown in the writer credits on every vinyl image for the song I have seen. And the song is about Christine Jorgensen, whose sex change was big, Big news at that time. So he could not resist capitalizing on the headlines, asking “Is She Is, Or Is She Ain’t.”
 My website has a Lot of information on Christine Jorgensen. 

 And hear the song