Rev JM Gates – “Manish Women”

Something different for me…an anti-gay recording, or at least one condemning acting like the opposite sex. Rev Gates was probably the most successful ministers in the South. He was definitely of the fire-and-brimstone call-and-response type, and was unique in that many of his sermons were recorded, about 200 of them, done between 1926 and 1941. The label Document Records has reissued nine CDs of his work. But this one track, “Manish Women,” is the one of interest to me, as it storms against women of that, …er, style, who “try to walk and talk like a man,” and doesn’t leave out “some men trying to walk and talk like a woman.” Released on Okeh Records, #8779, in 1930.

Above clipping from October 15, 1897