The Battle of the Bette Davis Impersonators

Okay, sometimes I amuse myself in unusual ways, and for example, a number of years ago for one of my QMH shows…on a show called Gender Benders, I put together a sort of medley of comedy clips from several female impersonators, all doing impressions of Bette Davis. Of course many drag performers “do” Bette Davis, but I picked some of the best. This week I decided to add one more drag artist, and make this medley into a video slide show, and it turned into a 14-minute one. It features, in order, Arthur Blake, TC Jones, Charles Pierce, Ty Bennett and Jimmy James. Jimmy is the only “modern” one and has been performing for many years. I saw him in 2011, and he’s flawless. I encourage you to seek out the many “Bette Davis” videos of Jimmy James on YouTube.

You can decide the winner, and they are heard in order:
Arthur Blake, from “Curtain Time,” 1957
TC Jones, from “Himself,” 1959
Charles Pierce, from “Live at Bimbos,” 1971
Ty Bennett, from “Queen for a Day,” circa 1961
Jimmy James, from “The One & Many Voices of Jimmy James,” 1999