Against Me! New EP “True Trans”

The Florida punk rock band Against Me! was formed in 1997 by lead singer and guitarist Tom Gable, and their albums have become more successful with each release over the years. A year ago they made news not often heard in that music genre, Gable was transitioning to be a woman, and taking the name Laura Jane Grace. And he and the band are on a very public track, working on their sixth release. It’s called “Transgender Dysphoria Blues,” and I can’t wait to hear the whole album. 

As part of the promotion in July they released an EP with two tracks likely from the new CD. These were offered as free downloads from their site for a few weeks, but that time has passed. But you can still buy the vinyl 7″ record, which I did. As they were offering the songs free, I will let you hear them below.

Fuck My Life 666
True Trans Soul Rebel

Of course I prefer the second one, as it is Very lyrically trans.

You can get a taste of the title track from “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” in this live video.

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