Levi Kreis Releases LGBT Charity EP

My current OutRadio show for September features a special hour-long interview with Levi Kreis, and his interviews are always a delight, this is our fifth one. And I’ve just done a blog post plugging the show five days ago….But got some very cool news about a special release. And I don’t usually just grab from a press release, but it covers it so well:

So, you can get this very cool song X8, at the Bandcamp page, and I love that site as it allows you to contribute more than the asking price, a nice thing for people to do, for this charity. The song features UK rapper QBoy, and this is a great combo.

Bandcamp page
And, yeah, I’m not above using sexy photos of our guys to keep your attention just a bit longer. If sex sells, this is a good time…:)