Scott Free: “Happy Pride Day Moscow”

I’ve known Scott Free since 1999 when we met at the long-departed GLAMA Awards, in New York City. And I immediately took to his music. Here’s a photo I took at that event with, left to right, Micah Barnes, Scott Free and the late Dean Johnson.

So, I’ve been playing his music on my shows for years, and did a comprehensive interview with him on my October 2008 Show, right after he released what I consider his masterpiece, “The Pink Album.” (Translation: This is an essential queer CD, you should own a copy, …er, in my humble opinion)

I’ve always loved how political his lyrics are, and that he covers areas of our culture that others do not, and brings up much needed points and perspectives. So I was very pleased when he wrote me this week that he’s recorded a brand new song, which Has Got to be the first one about the Russian anti-gay actions. And, he’s done a quickie slide show video of it.

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