Antigone Rising – Santa, You Owe Me

It happens every year, so I’m used to it, I guess…I finish uploading my Queer Music Heritage Xmas Special, around December 1st, and like clockwork, a few artists come out with smokin’ xmas songs, too late to be included. So far the one that really makes me wish I had it a couple weeks sooner is by Antigone Rising. 

They’ve had a good year, their last CD, called “23 Red,” is still riding high, and they have a terrific new single, “That Was the Whiskey,” and, oh yeah, that’s founding member Kristin Ellis-Henderson and her wife Sarah on the October 8th cover of Time Magazine…


And, that song I told you about…well, it even has same sex lyrics in one verse:

I want a take vacation for the rest of my life
sipping salty margaritas with my beautiful wife
I want a whole lotta naughty and a little less nice
Santa, you owe me that 

So, here’s “Santa, You Owe Me”