She N She

This morning I’ve been listening to the latest album by the Augusta, Georgia, band She N She, and they are Brandy Douglas, Drea Suarez and  Kate Anderson-Grijalva, and I am so, so pleased. The CD is called “Midsummer’s Day” and was released late in 2012, and I have the website RightOutTV to thank for giving me a head’s up on them. I was immediately drawn in, captured by the vocals. For example, check out the song “Baby I’ve Got You.”

Okay, now go to their Reverbnation page and here’s where I found myself listening to the rest of the album and more.

She N She at Reverbnation

You can pretty much start at the top of the list, with “Secrets,” but I encourge you not to miss the, gasp, woman-to-woman lyrics of “Pathetic.” Or the haunting (also lyrically lesbian) “I Can’t Stay,” or the title track “Midsummer’s Day.” I could go on….

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