Micah Barnes – New York Story

My 200th Blog Entry

I have been following the music of Micah Barnes for quite a few years, starting with his stint with the Canadian a cappella group The Nylons in 1989, on to his more rock and award-winning 1998 CD “Loud-Boy Radio,” though several released in the 2000s (“Hard,” “Micah Barnes,” and “Domesticated). The “Micah Barnes” CD by the way made my Best of the Year show for 2007, with what he called a cabaret noir style. Every few years he would come out with something, I would love it, and then wait impatiently for the next one.

The next one is almost here. At least the first single from his next album is. Micah has just released a more jazz-styled arrangement of a track called “New York Story,” and you can check it out on his YouTube page. Also find many more there.