What if Marlene Dietrich Was in a 1960s Girl Group?

In the 1930 film “Blue Angel” Marlene Dietrich introduced her signature song “Falling In Love Again,” and the song become iconic.

Now, there are some interesting cover versions of this song to be found on YouTube, such as by Bryan Ferry and Klaus Nomi, but the one I wanted for this blog wasn’t there, so I created a slide show video for it myself. All because I love, Love the Girl Group sound of the 60s. 

And I wanted to share the version by Polly Perkins, who recorded it in 1964. It didn’t take her long after that to come out of the closet, and in a big way. In 1976 she recorded a song called “Superdyke,” which she performed on stage in London. Now, That song can be heard on a show in which I featured a number of her songs, on QMH Part 2 for that show, at this link

Queer Music Heritage, October 2010
And here’s the slide show for the main attraction
As the A-side is so, so very short I included the flip side as well.

I also have a page of my site devoted to photos,
a discography and clippings for her