Circle Jurk – An Obscure Recording by a Member of The Nylons

Billy Newton-Davis

I could go on several tangents when talking about the 2008 EP released by Billy Newton-Davis. First, Davis is the award-winning Canadian artist and long-time member of the hit group The Nylons. That group formed in 1978 and in 2014 did a reunion concert including every living member of the group (there have been twelve different members over they years, and five have died). Davis joined them from 1991 through 1994. Before and after that time he won several Juno Awards, one being for a duet with Celene Dion, in 1989. The Nylons released over a dozen albums.

But this blog is about a VERY obscure and VERY out of the closet solo project, with VERY explicit lyrics, from 2008, called “A Boy’s Life / Circle Jurk.”

Here are the songs:
(and as they are near impossible to find, you can hear them here)
A Boy’s Life
White Boys
A Thrill’s a Thrill (Still)
Desolate Angel
Christopher Street

                                         I’ve Got a Dream

And, note that on the EP the songs were written by “B Kate Amesbury”…..she’s got  Quite a history of her own, releasing several recordings in the 1970’s under her then name Bill Amesbury. That’s right, Bill became Barbara. More on those records, and on a song about her.
And, two of the songs in question can be heard on this show. 

Barbara was looking for someone to record her new songs, and finally found Billy, produced the album and among the songs was included a remake of “A Thrill’s a Thrill.”